Spring Book Fair 2018

The Spring Scholastic Book fair is coming soon!  

We will feature PAWsome books and trinkets for sale at our biannual book fair to be held February 7-16.

Bring your family and friends to many exciting events we have, including:

Our Books and Bingo Night Kick Off
Lunch With a Loved One 
Teacher and Student Book Talks 
and more! 

Click here for our book fair flyer, purchasing information and more!
It'll be PAWsitively fun!

Media Center Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 am-3:30 pm
8:30 am-2:30 pm

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer at the Media Center.
Sign up here!


Kindergarten and 1st Grade - 1 book per week
2nd -5th Grade - 2 books per week

**Lost books must either be found and returned or paid for before additional books can be checked out.

Sunshine State Books

Students, read these interesting books then take the Reading Counts quizzes on them.  If you have successfully read 8 books (5 books for 2nd graders), you will be pictured in the Bear Lake Sunshine State Hall of Fame.  In addition to this, you will  receive a special invitation to our Sunshine state End of the Year party!

3-5 Sunshine State Book List

6-8 Sunshine State Book List

Media Center Rules

  • Use Level 1 voice when in the Media Center.
  • Use shelf markers when searching for books.
  • Respect ALL media center materials!  
  • If using the makerspace without your class, you must sign in.
  • Clean up after yourself at all times.
  • Keep ALL shelves neat when looking for books!
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in media center.

Reading Counts

How many Reading Counts Points can you earn?

Earn rewards and prizes for points accumulated after reading books and taking and passing the Reading Counts quizzes with a 70% or higher!
Plus, for every 25 points you earn, you will receive a book charm.  How many can you collect?


Bear Lake Makerspace

The new BLES makerspace has lots of tools and activities for students to explore, create, invent and design innovative projects of their choice.  Students may come in to use the makerspace at any time throughout the day as long as there is an adult staff or volunteer present.  Students must sign in before using the makerspace.  Students must also leave the makerspace station in a neat and orderly fashion so that other students may have an opportunity to use the makerspace in the same condition.